Mary Newell

“When you say ‘school nursing,’ I think a lot of people think of the nurse in the Rockwell painting who is giving a spoonful of elixir or putting on a Band-Aid. It’s way more than that. You are dealing with the whole student and helping them be successful.”
— Swikar Patel/Education Week
— Swikar Patel/Education Week
Focus of Strength:Student Wellness
Position:Director of Nursing
District:Kent School District, Washington

Nursing Director Ensures Students Are Really ‘Ready to Learn’

Mary Newell, a school nurse coordinator in Kent, Wash., left a job as a nursing professor to join the public school system. She created an in-school health clinic in an alternative high school, raised awareness throughout the district on children’s health problems, and taught school nurses to work with classroom teachers to better identify and manage chronic student-health problems, such as asthma.

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