Michele Brooks

“I’m always looking for connections. That’s the key. When the district lays out its priorities, every single one of my colleagues has a piece of that work, including me. I do an analysis: How can I support their work and connect our work?”
— Charlie Mahoney/Prime for Education Week
— Charlie Mahoney/Prime for Education Week
Focus of Strength:Parent Engagement
Position:Assistant Superintendent, Office of Family and Student Engagement
District:Boston Public Schools

The day Michele Brooks “lost it” as the frustrated mother of a Boston high school student became a moment that transformed her life forever.

That was 20 years ago, and today Brooks works inside the Boston school system as the assistant superintendent in charge of the district’s office of family and student engagement.

Brooks is credited with strategically aligning Boston’s parent-engagement efforts with the district’s academic goals, which moved the work of her office from a peripheral activity to one that is central to the needs of the district’s 57,000 students and their families.

“When I first started in this role, I could say I was the only one who would bring up, ‘So, what about the families?’ Now, whether I’m at the table or not, the conversation is about the families,” says Brooks, who has been leading the office for the past four years.

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